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Company Profile

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  Guangzhou Wanstar Electronic Co., Ltd. was registered in 2013. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in research and development, production and sales of ship navigation and communication equipment.  

  “Wanstar” is committed to providing solutions for clients such as dredgers, cable laying ships, navigation mark ships, all kinds of survey ships, cargo ships, fishing boats for ocean operations, and providing all-round services such as marine mapping and technical consultation.  

  Our R & D team has made a series of R & D achievements through continuous investment and optimized layout, including ECDIS、 BD+GPS Integrated Navigator、BNWAS、Pilot Operating System、 Satellite Compass、BD Compass Communication、 Global  Navigation and Positioning Receiver、 Industrial LCD、 AIS Receiver and other military and civil navigation electronic products.  

  Our company has obtained more than ten national utility model patents in the past five years, and successfully entered Guangzhou Science and technology innovation small giant enterprise and high-tech cultivation Library in 2016. In 2017, our company obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate, and in 2018, our company has the "WANSTAR" trademark registration certificate.      

  General manager: Mr. Tony Chen is the founder of Guangzhou Xin Zhuyuan Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Zhanjiang Wanxing Navigation Technology Co., Ltd.), the former main military engineering and technical personnel of the Navy. As a visiting scholar, he was sent to Boston, USA, to study navigation technology. With more than 20 years of military technology practice, he has accumulated rich and solid ships, navigation instruments and communication guides. Professional knowledge and practical experience of aviation equipment.