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Magnetic Compass

Magnetic Sensor (GP-700)

Magnetic Sensor (GP-700)

GP-700 is composed of magnetic compass sensor, magnetic difference precision correction board and repeater. The analog signal of magnetic compass can be converted into digital signal and displayed. The output signal of NMEA-0183 (HDM, HDT or AD-10) can be supplied to radar, autopilot, electronic chart, AIS and other equipment. The output baud rate can be adjusted (baud rate 4800-38400).


  • Monitor:3.5 inch color display, resolution 320 x 480; luminance adjustable;

  • Output interface:NMEA0183 baud rate:4800-38400  rate:200ms;

  • Output statement:$HEHDT;

  • data format:RS-232,RS-422,AD-10;

  • Power Supply: 12-24VDC;

  • Appearance  Host: 177 × 102 × 76mm  (Embedded installation);

  •           Sensor:38(D) × 24(H)mm;

  • Host weight:530g;Antenna weight:250 g;

  • working temperature:-10℃ ~ +70℃;

  • Relative humidity: less than 95%;

  • Waterproof, moistureproof, salt proof fog; sensor waterproof grade IP65;

  • Shockproof: strong design, anti free drop of 1.5 meters;

  • The reliability, maintainability, mean time to failure is more than 5000 hours; the average repair time of 24 hours.

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