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Bearing repeater(AR-81)

Bearing repeater(AR-81)

Digital bearing repeater can automatically identify digital heading signal output by a variety of heading device (HDT \ HDM, \ HDG), with the scale way to accurately indicate the heading value.

A. Dimension : φ 246*150mm

B. Weight : 3.5kg

C. Compass safe distance :1m

D. Waterproof : IP66

E. Working temperature : -20℃ to +70℃

F. Humidity : lower than 95%

G. Scale±0.5°

H. Scale accuracy : 1° digital display accuracy : ± 0.2°

I. Track rate : 45°/s

J. Power supply : 24VDC, 0.20A

K. Cable length : 1.5 meters

L. Input  data : RS-422 or RS-232

NMEA 0183, 4800( or 9600) baud, no priority, 1 stop bit

HDT    HDG    HDM )


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