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Compass Converter

Gyro Converter(GC-2000S)

Gyro Converter(GC-2000S)

GC-2000S Gyro converter Digital can convert traditional gyro compass synchronous or step analog signal into digital signal, and real-time display heading data, Meanwhile providing multi-channel standard supply radar, autopilot, ECDIS and AIS devices.


4 digit LED digital display to show heading data in accuracy of 0.1 degrees, brightness adjustable LED

Can be applied to a variety of synchronous or stepper compass, to adapt to a variety of transmitting ratio: 360X, 180X, 90X, 45X, 36X.

Power supply: external power can be savable, it will be able to work properly as long as the setting switch match the compass. When connect to the AC    synchronous compass, power supplied by the excitation voltage of the compass. When connect to the stepping compass, power supplied from the stepper    signal.

Power consumption:less than 5W

Working temperature : 0℃--- +70 ℃

Storage temperature : -40----- +85℃

weight : 600g

Output accuracy : 0.167° With 360X synchronous or stepper compass:

Detectable heading angular velocity range :Not less than 10 ° / sec. with the 360X synchronization and stepping compass.

Dimension 165mm х 147mm х 45mm

Synchronization Compass

Excitation voltage :AC 50~120V,50/60/400/Hz

Phase voltage: AC20~110V

Transmitting ratio : 360X、180X、90X、45X、36X

Stepping Compass

Common polarity:   positive type /   negative type

Phase voltage: DC 24~100V

Transmitting ratio :  180X、90X 

$**HDT,xxx.xx,T*hh  (4800-38400,8,N,1)

Output baud rate :4800-38400

Data bits :8

NO calibration :N

Stop bit :1

The HDT statement sending frequency : 10HZ 

RS422 bus: output current>50mA,Can be directly driven by at least 8 standard IEC61162-2 input port.

RS232 bus :The output current is greater than 10mA,Can power 2 standard RS232 input port.

AD-10: Output conforms to Furuno proprietary format.

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