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NMEA Digital Signal Synthesizer (HC-402)

NMEA Digital Signal Synthesizer (HC-402)


NMEA digital signal synthesizer (model: HC-402) provides four serial port data inputs (NMEA0183 protocol) and synthesizes them into two serial port outputs (NMEA0183 protocol). Each serial port input baud rate can be selected automatically: 2400-115200, and the synthesized output signal baud rate defaults to 38400 (output baud rate can be set to 115200).


This product is suitable for: only one serial port input equipment, such as: LOWRANCE, RAYMARINE, GARMIN, SIMRAD radar, etc.

Size: 115 (L) * 90 (W) * 40 (H) (mm)

Hole position: 105 (L)*70 (W) (mm)


1) The input NMEA1-NMEA4 is the same:

A1 - First NMEA1 input A

B1 - First NMEA1 Input B

A2-Second NMEA2 Input A

B2-Second NMEA2 Input B

A3-Third NMEA3 Input A

B3-Third NMEA3 Input B

A4-Fourth NMEA4 Input A

B4-Fourth NMEA4 Input B

2) Output OUT1 and OUT2 are the same:

A-NMEA Output A

B-NMEA Output B

3) 24+ - Power supply positive

24-- Negative Power Supply

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